Changes to Code of Conduct

Both of the below changes were approved by vote of the Board during the Winter session.

The first change to the Code of Conduct is the removal of this clause:

During events, make a good-faith effort to stay in game. Avoid out-of-game comments or other behavior regularly disruptive to other people’s play.

Immersion is largely a community effort, and as RFR expands over multiple games, we leave it to those communities to shape their own concepts of how deep immersive play should be. Please be mindful of new roleplayers or people coming from different roleplaying cultures and help them to adapt to the norms of each individual game.

The second change to the Code of Conduct is the addition of this:

Griefing, hazing, and trolling are not permitted. Do not use in-game antagonism as a method of harassment, or to carry over out-of-game grudges. In-game actions taken against others in apparent bad faith will be referred to the Conduct Committee.

For more details about PVP please see this post - Player vs Player Conflict

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Forgive typos please as I’m responding using my phone :slight_smile:

I’m curious if PK game directors have a response to the changes in code of conduct. Specifically as it mentions communities will shapes their own concepts of immersion. What is Port Katherine’s commitment to continuous immersion? What type of experience can we expect going forward in regards to enforcing immersion or discouraging out of game interactions that are not specifically asked for?



Port Katherine remains completely devoted to a full immersion experience. Players are expected to remain in game at all times and should encourage each other to do so when mistakes happen.

Nothing about this change at the Board level should imply any changes to Port Katherine’s policies regarding staying in game.