Cecilia has resigned from the RFR board; elections to come

Hi RFR community:

Cecilia has resigned from the Board of Directors. Elections for both of the open seats will occur later in the Fall, so that we will have a full slate of board members for the Winter board meeting. Our Ombudsperson, Kep, who runs the elections, will post details probably sometime next week.

The current board consists of myself, Matt Kamm, Adrian Tatro, Brady Tatro, and Sarah Walden McGowan. We can be reached, along with the non-voting attendees of board meetings (the Ombudsperson, Kep Peterson; the three game directors, Beth Baniszewski, Brian Misamore, and Ken Clary; and the Conduct Committee chair, Nuance Bryant) at: rfr-board@googlegroups.com.

You can also reach me, the board President, at joyperkinson@gmail.com. Iā€™m open to answer any questions about how the board or RFR operates, or about what serving on the board entails, or just to chat about RFR.

Thanks all, and see you in the woods.