Case Files

I’ve been assembling the details on the various high crimes our community has suffered over the last two years, in hopes of bringing them to a meaningful conclusion. If anyone has any pertinent information on the following open cases, please inform me so that I can amend and update the case files. Additionally, if you have a separate matter that you believe worthy of documenting as a case, please inform me at your earliest convenience.

Conrad’s Murder
Esther Prinn’s Disappearance
Misaki’s Attempted Murder
Murder of Anton Gustav
The Attempted bombing of Souls, 1718

If you have an interest in viewing any of the case files, I will arrange time for you to do so when I am in town for Remembrance.

Deepest Sincerity,

Kleis von Silberholtz

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Oh dear, when did Esther go missing?

Last festival. I’ll arrange for you to have an opportunity to peruse the files at Remembrance comptess.

To be clear, this is Esther, not Hester.

The artificer from Umfundisi, yes. I would definitely like to review your file on that.

I believe I’ve already related my conclusions to you in regards to my medical examination of Conrad’s body.

I am happy to elaborate, but as the details are rather upsetting, I would prefer not broadcast them publicly out of respect to parties involved.

Moreover, I would like to review these cases if possible, especially in regards to any reports of injury or harm. There may be notable details that only a medical practitioner would notice.

Agreed. We should arrange time for you to review the files during Remembrance.

(This is also meant to be an in game method of dispersing information. If folks want to have me set up records or review whats on file to spread info about plots, etc., don’t hold back. :slight_smile: )

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