Carnival Sponsorship and You: A Thrilling Business Opportunity!

Citizens of Port Katherine! The Night of Souls is fast approaching, and with it comes a host of off-island visitors and the chance for you - and your enterprises - to catch the eye of many who may otherwise tragically go without the knowledge of all that you have to offer! But never fear - the carnival is here to help! We are pleased to offer you the unique opportunity to place ENORMOUS advertisements - up to 10’ x 10’ - in the very heart of the night’s revelry! For the low, low price of 10 ducats, this opportunity can’t be beat!

Reply to this listing to ensure your space is claimed, then bring your advertisements to us at the start of the festival and we’ll handle the rest!

(OOG note: bring 10 ducats and whatever you wish to hang (a sheet, a banner, a poster, etc) to check-in. Advance notice is not required, but will help us with planning. We cannot guarantee that weather will not happen to your artwork.)



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Alabaster & Stoneguard Financial Services would also like to reserve advertising space.

The Alize will also reserve a space. Thank you for the such a lovely opportunity to share with our community and beyond information regarding our services.

Would also like to reserve a space.