Carnival Bunting and You

We need more bunting!!

We’d love having colorful bunting for our carnival, to make it feel more festive and not like a few rows of pop-up tents. We have six sets of bunting, and they weren’t enough! We need MORE. Around 40’ in length seems to be the sweet spot? That’s what we did last time, and it was great.

Like this:

They don’t have to be quite as close together as that, but we definitely want the “scrap fabric I grabbed to do this” aesthetic they have here.

This is obviously one of those “donation of time, rather than money” opportunities, and we’d definitely need these done in time for our Fall event. Let me know below if you can make one (or more):

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine

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I am absolutely down to make bunting (clearing out the fabric hoard, hurray)! Is there a strong preference for attachment style/frequency of ties?

I can also see about making some if more than one is wanted/needed!

I wish to make a length of bunting

I think Jenna used bias tape here and sewed the pieces between the fold. I was planning to do 6 inches between pieces of fabric?

Nope! In fact, part of the charm of this is that they’ll all look a bit different and random and kind of throw-together. As long as it’s something that will stay together through years of use.


If you want to build in ties to attach it to stuff, that’s cool, but we’re happy to drape/tape/ziptype/otherwise improvise hanging methods

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I’ll stop at some thrift shops today for some varieties of fabrics and get some footage put together for ya.