Candidacy announcement (Ronny Rose)

Howdy everyone!

My name is Ronald Rose (He/Him/His) and most of you know me as Ronny. I have been associated with the RFR since the spring of 2013 when I attended the first event of Witchwood as an NPC. Since then I have been an on and off staff member of Witchwood, an NPC for Port Katherine and now I am a player at Entanglement. Recently I have been appointed to be the safety coordinator for the RFR and I’m hoping to contribute even more to this organization by running to become a member of its board.

Larping is a passion of mine and I take part in all the games of our organization at various levels of commitment. If elected to the board, not only would I be able to continue to improve the safety standards of our organization by continuing my work as safety coordinator, but I would make sure that this community continues to enjoy well organized and fair leadership across all its games for all of its participants. I have had the pleasure to know and work with most of the current board members before and would be thrilled to help them keep this organization running! We all care immensely about this organization and the games and communities within it.

I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm within this election cycle for the board. Regardless of who wins the election, I look forward to continuing to participate in the various games of the RFR and seeing this community grow and thrive!