Candidacy announcement (Jordan)

Hi! I’m Jordan (they/them), and I play Stev at Port Katherine, I staff at witchwood, and I hope to play Entanglement next year. I’m one of the comparatively-new-guard at RFR, having only joined in 2018, but in that time it’s become a huge part of my social and hobby life, and I’ve made a lot of friendships here.

It’s hard to really say what makes a good candidate , and I think there are quite a few running this round! I’m pleased to throw my name in among them.

One thing I care about a lot on an organizational level is transparency. I think we all put a lot of energy and emotion into this community and so we want to know what decisions are being made about it, and having to pester board members for that information can be really frustrating for the membership and doubly so for the board themselves. As such one project I want to take on, if elected, is making meeting minutes available to the membership so y’all can read them if the mood takes you. So that’s what you can expect from me! (Secret agenda: if I don’t end up on the board, I hope someone who does steals this)

Anyway! That’s me, thanks for y’all’s time!