Call for Vendors - Carnival of Souls '22

Are you a fortune teller? A sideshow performer? A purveyor of fine liquids, solids, and/or gases with fantastical powers? Do you want to open up shop and ply your trade just for a single night? The Carnival of Souls is proud to present you with an opportunity for commerce, camaraderie, and chaos! Up to 6 tents may be filled by special guests from amongst the fair residents of Port Katherine! Contact the ringmaster now to throw your hat in the ring! No rental fee - just make sure your booth can accept carnival tickets as payment for at least one good and/or service!

((OOG details: email by 11:59 PM Wednesday, September 14th if you are interested in running a booth at the carnival, and we’ll work out the logistics with you. If we get a lot of interest, we may need to cut or combine booths. In your email, please let us know what you are planning to set up, who will be operating the booth, and any support you require from staff. We can definitely provide chairs and some tables, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee access to electrical outlets, so you’ll need your own solution if you want to run something with power. Please make sure that your booth contains something you collect tickets for - it can be anything, the intent here is to balance staff’s desire to make the carnival entertaining with the carnival’s in-game desire to make money. ))