Call for Performers - Carnival of Souls '22

Are you a dancer? A poet? A stage magician*? Can you wow crowds with your juggling techniques or entrance the eye with a sultry burlesque? Do you know how to bend your legs behind your head WITHOUT removing any bones? The Carnival of Souls is seeking acts for our stage show, and you might be just the ticket! Contact the ringmaster now to throw your hat in the ring!

*arcanum-mad sorcerers need not apply

((OOG details: email by 11:59 PM Wednesday, September 14th if you are interested in submitting an act and we’ll work out the logistics. If we get a lot of interest, we may need to cut or combine acts for time. The main stage events will take place in the large mod hall on the stage. Let us know if there are any special considerations required for your act - for example, burlesque performances and similar will be scheduled together and with increased privacy to respect the comfort of performers and carnival-goers alike. If your act will contain music, please keep it somewhat plausible for the game setting - sorry, Sick Dubstep Beats haven’t been invented yet. PCs and NPCs alike are encouraged to participate. We look forward to celebrating the Night of Souls with you all!))


hmm, can i learn the queen of the night aria in a month… (half-joking)


I submitted! Can’t wait! Might use a guitar if anyone knows how to play!

I both play a guitar and will have one on site for Me and @Tearezi’s act! Feel free to DM me about it :smiley:

I will do a burlesque act!