Calibration: Rules and Clarification

This morning, I processed this cycle’s calibration BGS. There’s several mistakes that I think keep getting made over and over again, so I wanted to post this reminder about the way the calibration rules work.

  1. If an item requires calibration, you must calibrate it in order to use it.

  2. When you calibrate, include the number of the item in the BGS. While many auction items are unique, many other items are not, and I have literally no idea which one it is unless you tell me. There are (currently) 55 items in the calibration database, and this number only grows. We put the number on the items for a reason. Include it.

  3. You can only calibrate one item per BGS cycle. Think of it as requiring a special only-for-calibration focus that you have: you only get one.

  4. You can only calibrate to three items at once, unless you have rules stating otherwise (I think this is the only one on this list that hasn’t been done yet, but I’m including for completeness).

Hopefully, this clears up some confusion. If you have any other questions about calibration, please post them below.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I think it’s a great system, though I have also had a couple issues with these calibration numbers.

I have had the issue of making multiple items someone can calibrate to in a bgs and not being told which number goes to which item. As staff is usually busy right before the game, you may not even be able to get an answer to the question of what number is for what item.

Perhaps when you craft something that can be calibrated to, the number could be shown in the engineers bgs response so they know which number goes with specific items.

I also wouldn’t hate having slightly larger, slightly more durable tags. The tiny copy paper tags are easy to misplace and won’t stand up to the normal wear and tear items undergo during a larp for very long.

re: #s in bgs responses. That’s a great idea. I’ll implement it.

My recommendation with the paper tags is to use clear tape and tape it, fully, to the phys rep. That protects it from damage from rain and wear/tear.