Cabin PS5 Coordination

Hello cabin-mates!

I’m starting this thread so can can coordinate for next game.

Side bar: how y’all doing?

With Summer Reg closed - who made the cut?

Spaige (Ravil) and I are both in, although we may either be packing tighter or rearranging a small bit, because we might have two new friends joining us!


I’ll be there.

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Probably should have said this when I asked who made the cut:

Jamie (Damienne Fawkes) and I made the cut, as well!


Me (Sláine) and my brother Sean (Nathrach) were already registered. We’re also bringing our sister Hannah (Zaira, though that name may change) too!

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I mean the cabin did technically have 12 bunks, so the more the merrier? (Damienne here!)


I won’t be there for Summer, but I will for Fall.

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We’ll miss you at summer season but have a great actual summer then!

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Enjoy your Summer, and we look forward to your return for Fall!

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With Summer game 2 weeks away, I thought I’d drop a line. Jamie (Damienne Fawks) and I are planning to being plenty of water for the cabin.

I expect I’ll bring a little water, some granola bars/bag/something, and bug spray and suntan lotion.

I’m going to try to get my hands on some ORS-type tablets to throw in bottles of water. I think Danny aka Peter Laceholder said he got a bunch of electric tea lights that he was thinking of bringing for bonus ambiance.

We’re (Ash, Sean, and Hannah) plan to bring some granola bars/ similar snacks for group consumption.

So, looks like Jamie and I won’t be cabin 5 with y’all this summer.

Still planning on bringing water, if any of y’all end up dry.

So, see you around the woods :stuck_out_tongue:

We missed you, James, but it was good to see you around :slight_smile:

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