Bullets - A Notice on the Bulletin Board

Engineers of Port Katherine,

I find that I am reliably running out of shot for my gun at inopportune times.

In peaceful times I consider this a shame and move on, but with the war with Tyago now so enflamed, I wish to discuss a remedy.

How much would it cost to commision Bullets? Either individually, or in batches.

How reliably can Bullets be fabricated, factoring in both time and resources? Again, either individually, or in batches.

Pending such negotiations, I would, ideally, like to secure regular production of additional munitions.

Please reach out to me directly with regards to this notice.
James “The Raven” Corvid

It may be worth the town (Or some of its members) investing in producing either bullet molds or a reinforced bullet mold to speed up production of bullets. Without the use of a mold, it takes an engineer 1 lead, 1 arcanum, and 3 hours of work per bullet. With a regular bullet mold, 4 bullets could be produced for 1 iron, 4 lead, 5 Arcanum, and 6 hours of work. With a reinforced bullet mold, there’s a much higher up front cost (8 iron, 8 coal, 16 lead, 8 Arcanum, and 16 hours of work), but would let engineers produce bullets regularly at a rate of 4 lead, 4 Arcanum, and 3 hours of work for 4 bullets.

Jules answered this well. For convenience, at current market rates this adds up to:

  • 1 bullet for 6.1 D
  • 4 bullets for 22.4 D
  • 4 bullets for 15.4 D, after an up-front cost of about 124.8 D (plus a 30 D schematic).

Note that using the regular bullet mold only nets you a savings of about 0.5 D per bullet, and an engineer might need to charge a bit more to cover the cost of the bullet mold schematic.

With the reusable mold the savings are much more significant: bullets produced with the reusable mold cost about 3.8 D each.


I’m doing out the math to calculate the actual break evens ignoring schematic pricing right now.

Bullets are great, but a sword that can hit just as hard and be used in every fight would be more cost effective. Ideally you would want both of coarse, sometimes you need the bullet.

I should be able to make something even better quite soon, though perhaps I should start working on a better gun, as people seem so fond of them.

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Yes, double bladed sharpening mechanisms are very convenient, but they take a lot longer to re-prep, and also take electricity, which we should be careful about how much we’re utilizing.

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If we can get two people to volunteer focus, I believe we can have the generator mill done by Spring, which would help with the electricity issue.

Good to know.