Building the Generator Mill

Friends and Neighbors -

I have been leading the Engineering Guild’s push to build the Generator Mill, to make electricity available to the people of Port Katherine. I believe at this time all it needs to be completed for the Spring is three people able to devote their time to completing it. I will be one of those people. The specialized engineering work has already been done.

Unfortunately, at this time I do not have the money to pay out of pocket, but am happy to discuss an exchange of services, if there is engineering or perhaps political negotiations you would like assistance with.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch (NOT for the Town Council - maintain existing works first.)

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Alabaster Stoneguard Financial Services will provide 10d of salary for each of the people who fill the two remaining slots for constructing the generator mill.

On the one hand, I really wanted to have a generator mill built as our next public work; It was something I have been advocating for…

On the other hand we currently have all imports cut in half and not enough focus to maintain what we have; there’s no telling if we’ll be able to upkeep the generator mill without losing something else, nevermind build it… :weary:

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I’m more in Seren’s camp here. It is exciting to consider new public works, but with the War cutting into imports as well as the Shadow’s curse upon our docks, we will be struggling just to keep up with what we have built currently.

What is the plan for maintenance after the Generator Mill is built?

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I believe it’s something along the lines of “Frederick is about to finish training as a surveyor, also it will bring in additional income for the town council.”

The resources for the Generator Mill have already been applied, so it is not taking anything from the current supply of resources.

Once it is completed, the agreement we had made was that the Town Council will provide supplies for maintenance so long as the income from the Electricity meets those costs, and the Engineer’s Guild will provide the Engineering work and any additional supplies needed. That still seems reasonable to me for Spring. If the supply of goods is still restricted come Summer, perhaps it will need to be renegotiated.



The problem is that with the demand we already have for maintenance supplies VS the severe decreases in imports, it might not even be possible to buy enough maintenance supplies regardless if we have the coin.