Bug Reports?

Where would staff like reports of possible unintended behavior on the website?

Here is fine– unless they contain details you’d rather not be made public, in which case you can send me a private message, or email them to staff@

I landed on what I think was the staff/cast view of a character after committing my last CP spend - there was a big cool anchor-in-a-circle symbol next to the name, if that helps narrow it down. I got a “Forbidden” looking error page when I followed one of the links (see this character’s backstory or similar) so it looked like authz is working fine, just maybe there is a routing rule misfiring on an edge case? (Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about RoR.)

Good catch! That… should not happen.

Not a big deal, but I just noticed that the “Lawyer” profession is showing up under the “Headers” section of my character sheet instead of the “Professions” section.