Bring me the news because I miss you

Good evening fair folk of Port Katherine,

It has weighed upon my heart these past weeks to work so hard at the printing press only to have plague and war delay our chances to see each other this spring. With that in mind I’ve decided to print a special local edition of our paper to keep our spirits up and share what news we’ve learned during our travels. I hope you will consider sending a letter to your friendly neighborhood publisher with your stories, poetry, news, romantic woes, gossip or conversation starters.

[OOG clarify I am doing this just as a player as a chance for us to do something fun and to potentially share BGS results. Staff is welcome to send stuff in as well. Since I won’t be able to format it as pretty as the regular newspaper there is unlimited space! I am planning on publishing the week after the Spring event would have taken place so people can share what they’ve learned. Since this is a slightly goofy edition please send me your gossip and anything else you think would be fun. You can email me at by April 28 and I will hopefully have it out that weekend.]


I will be writing in.
Is there a separate column for anonymous gossip? Asking for a friend

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I didn’t go into publishing to limit the free flow of information. I’ll make a new column if I have news to fit into it.