Brave Souls Sought for Trip to Suur

Bertrand posts a handwritten paper to the notice board.

I have a pressing errand that will likely bring me through a very rough part of Suur. Looking for no more than 4 women-at-arms willing to brave potential dangers, including hostile Ice Artifice and Bandits. A surgeon would be appreciated, but hopefully not required.

Payment negotiable, though this is in service of rescuing a noteworthy knowledgeable Artificer, so I’d prefer parties with interests beyond the mere monetary. This will be an extended journey, so there will be no time for side projects that cannot be addressed with mail and prior setup.

All curious parties should contact Bertrand Steinmann.

[Clarify: I’m looking for up to 4 folks to go on a game-on mod with me, which I assume will include danger/combat. It requires expenditure of your focus, as of the initial writeup from 2020.]


Had I but seen this earlier! Sadly, my time is already spoken for. But I wish you the best of luck and great success in your mission!

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Rhett sees the notice on the board and immediately goes to find Bertrand.

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I will happily volunteer for this. Donate my pay to the surgeon, that they may bring us back alive.