Brag about your PEL

Brag here that you finished your PEL. We know we’re all going to do it somewhere.

(Mine is 3,800 words long and contains a detailed in-character letter that took me too long to write because I have exactly zero chill.)
(a more responsible brag is that I made sure that the part Staff has to read was short and to the point).

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My PEL was probably suboptimal formatted, but I submitted it as soon as I got home Sunday, having started it Saturday night while laid up with sore knees. Fuck. That. Hill…

Mine was formatted exactly as outlined in the player’s handbook, but next time I want to make it more if a journal-like story. Unless staff preferred it as is, or some other way, in which case I’m cool doing whatever staff prefers.

TL;DR - First time writing a PEL; I hope I didn’t fuck up!


My PEL is at 4.5 single-spaced pages and counting in google drive and that’s my bullet list version. hELP

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I’ve got it down to 2.5 now, about first 1.5 being the main points and the rest are footnotes… don’t want to entirely overwhelm staff!

Mine is 1,150 words and I haven’t done the journal part yet and now I feel like I have to go back and edit.

I ended up not including my IC journal, though I might put it in later. I wanted to get them the basics ASAP at least.

I feel so much better about a 1 page PEL, now!

I usually just write my PELs in character from the get-go. I feel like it’s easier to just write character stream of consciousness to make sure I remember all the important (to me) parts. Then I go back and edit.

If my PEL gets huge I’ll put the IC journal into a google doc and put the link in my PEL. Then they can digest my event feedback and my lovely fictional headspace in two distinct sittings.

PEL done and submitted, and not terribly overwhelming. Boom pow! Just gotta figured out what I’m doing for BGS now…

6.5 single spaced pages in size nine font. Roughly 5,000 words.

I…have problems being…succinct.

I learned from my first LARP. Short PEL’s= not freaking out or forgetting stuff.

I had mine in less than a week after game.

4,100 words… 6 pages… i tried to keep it brief! ^_^"
But at least i did manage to muster it back up on time again after losing it before.