Boxing, Summer of 1719

A note pinned to the Notice Board

Boxers of Port Katherine,

Considering the failings of the “Outer Ring Trading Company” to organize a Boxing League as they promised last year, I have decided to step up and do so myself. To that end . . .

Starting this Summer, we will be holding Boxing practice in the Pitball pit after morning muster.

Pending turn out, I would be interested, and excited, to start hosting Tournaments, as well - but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Any and all interested in participating are welcome; I will have a copy of the Rules for perusal on my person. (Personal copies will, of course, be on sale for those who wish to read up between Festivals, and the Library should have a copy by Summer)

All interested in watching, come enjoy our suffering :wink:
Tangentially, if anyone how the ability to bring a large container of fluids to the Pitball pit, please contact me - I would love to figure something out to help maintain overall hydration.


Any and all feedback is welcome -
If you are interested, please speak up and lets get hyped!

If you have constructive feedback, or complaints, please reach out to me privately.

I hope to see many of you in the ring!

Best regards,
James “The Raven” Corvid


How will gambling be set up, lieutenant?

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However they set up the gambling, there is no chance it can be worse than the nonsense that happened last time. Whomever thought up that system should be put in jail.

I have to pay to know the rules in order to participate…?

My apologies for not being clear:

  • a FREE set of rules will be present to peruse - to read in detail.
  • if you would like a copy to keep, that will cost you 3d.

As for gambling, wagers between individuals will be permitted at any time, but there will be no ‘official’ gambling until we have tournaments.

Having no experience organizing gambling, I will be reaching out to others for guidance, suggestion, and support. But, sufficed to say, we would be hard pressed to assign odds before seeing the skills of the individuals in question.

I hope those 2 answers were clear. Please, do not hesitate to raise additional questions.


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I would be interested in a boxing league.
As for gambling, I highly suggest finding someone willing to act as a bookkeeper on site to collect the bets and distribute winnings. That person probably wouldn’t be able to participate in the boxing itself though… might cause issues later on.
In regards to the water, I know there is typically a large dispenser in the tavern, would it be possible to obtain a similar one and just… drag it up the hill?

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