Boxing in Port Katherine

Friends and neighbors,

There has been some talk around town about starting a boxing league of our own, in light of the entertainment that was the Carnival.

To that end, I wanted to open the floor to discussion; I know several individuals who would be interested - some of whom I have been taking to about potential alternate rule sets - but I wanted to see what the interest of our Town at large is.

Additionally, I am curious if we want a formalized league, with all the paperwork that entails, or if we just want to practice this as a ‘local pass time’ type of activity.

Personally, I would love to practice more, and eventually challenge the big leagues, as it were. Eventually.


As we’ve spoken about previously, I would be interested in helping to set this up both rules wise and if we wanted to get more formal.

I don’t know how to box but I sure do love to fight. I’d be willing to join this league of yours.

Come find me sometime and I’d be more than happy to teach you the basics.

Friends and neighbors,

Shall we meet over breakfast Saturday to discuss boxing in Port Katherine?

-James “The Raven”