Boxing, Festival of Fire, 1723

Friends and Neighbors,

This upcoming Festival of Fire, Boxing Club will be meeting, and hopefully holding a tournament, at 11am on the Second of Fire.

HOWEVER! I wanted to discuss a matter before then - our usual boxing spot isn’t terribly flat, and is a ways up the Hill; would folks be interested in finding a new spot? My first thought is the field by the Tavern, but I’m open to suggestions.

I look forward to seeing all of my Boxers then!

James Andra

P.S. Some errors were noted in the first printing of my Revised Rules for Boxing. As such, I will be printing a second edition with some minor changes. For those who have been coming to practice, I am merely bringing the book in-line with how we’ve been practicing.

If you own an older copy of the book, please reach out to me so I can make sure to print you off a replacement second edition copy