Boxing, Dawning 1722

My Friends and Neighbors,

The 2nd of Dawning the Boxing Club will be meeting by the Pitball pit an hour before noon. That puts us right after Muster.

The Boxing Club will be primarily using “James’ Revised Rules For A More Civilized Sport of Boxing,” but if there is interest, we can also use the National League’s rules.

James’ Revised Rules[…]” will be provided at the Club meeting. A copy of the Revised Rules can also be found in the Library.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Additionally, if someone would meet me in the Tavern just before Boxing, I would appreciate a hand carrying water up to the pitball pit, for consumption during Boxing and during Pitball.

James “The Raven” Corvid

National League Rules
  • Contestants may hold up to 1 packet in each hand, no more. Additional packets to be scattered around the area of play.

  • Each contestant can take a number of hits equal to their vitality (including Extra Vitality) plus any virtual armor they have via Agility. Virtual armor from other sources, and costume armor, do not add to this total.

  • Packets thrown may have the “punch” call (1 damage), or the “trip” call, at the contestants’ choice

  • Packets may additionally have the “maim” call, if the contestant has those skills. Skills used in this manner during boxing ARE expended as normal.

  • Punches must hit the torso to count. “Maim” and “trip” may hit anywhere.

  • If the contestant has parries, they may use those to counter “maim” or “trip” delivered in a boxing bout. Parries used in this manner are expended as normal.

  • Maimed limbs recover at the end of the bout.

  • Damage incurred in a boxing bout recovers after 5 minutes rest.

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