Board candidate: Cecilia W

Hi all,

This is Cecilia. I play Odie in Witchwood and Lily Ferris in Port Katherine. I’ve been larping with RFR since 2017, and I’m running for one of the open Board positions.

In my everyday life, I have 6+ years of experience as a project manager, first at a start-up running projects for clients, and currently at a large academic lab. My skills translate well into taking big ideas and turning them into manageable projects. I also take meeting minutes professionally, and I would be happy to take over the job of Board Scribe.

I can’t believe that I’m fortunate enough to be in a community of such cool, talented, interesting folks who also want to play make-believe in the woods with me, and it’s incredible that RFR has grown so much so quickly since I’ve joined. A huge growth spurt like this poses a lot of challenges for small organizations, and I’m running for Board because I feel like I have a lot of skills that will help with the transition, and because I care about this weird bespoke performance art group we have here, and I want to be part of helping it thrive.

I will be at both WW Spring 2 and PK Summer, or available through either forum’s messaging system, if you have any questions about me and my platform.