BGS, Public Works, and Being Flexible

Hey everyone,

So, I tallied up the public works focus today, and I noticed that you fell short on a few that I had expected you to finish.

Under further investigation, I found the cause: some of the people expected to be working on them aren’t attending the Summer event, so didn’t submit BGS. Under a strict reading of our rules, that means the public work won’t be finished until those players submit BGS for the next event they are playing.

However, I keep thinking about three things: 1) we’re all new at this and people do things differently at different larps, 2) normally, a player who can’t submit BGS until their next event hurts only themselves, but if they’re working on a public work, they hurt everyone, and 3) we’ve had some problems with the cap this year that we didn’t anticipate, that meant that people who had planned to attend our events weren’t able to.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

If you were planning to working on a public work, but won’t be able to attend until a future event, you may submit your focus BGS for that future event, and I will process it now. I can hold this door open for another week (at some point, I have to just process things for the event).

I’ll allow this exception for the whole of 2018, while we’re all getting used to how BGS and our systems work. In 2019, I will be strict about this.

I feel like this is the most fair compromise I can do. Let me know if you have any questions.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I really appreciate when GMs are flexible, especially in the beginning when we’re all trying to figure out how things work.

Thank you, Brian, for working with us on this! <3


If anyone can’t hold their Focus, then my original Focus plan can wait a week, and I’ll work on the Well. We need sanitation.