BGS Deadline Extension

Hey everyone, wanted to say a few things about the Summer Focus BGS and its deadlines, etc.

When I set this deadline, I had expected and hoped that we’d be able to hold a Summer event. The idea was that this focus would give you something to get at the beginning of game, and that that would give the start of game that same special feeling that you’re used to.

Obviously, we’re not holding a Summer event, which makes that plan no longer work.

I’m hesitant to give endless undirected focuses for the coming missed events, because I think you’ll agree that they’d quickly get kind of meaningless. I’m sure some of you are already feeling that way about this one.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

The deadline for this free focus is extended, to… the BGS deadline before our next event. That may be Fall. I hope it’s Fall. But whichever event it is, you will get a free focus, meaning you’ll receive something at game on.

If you’ve locked your focus, we’ll unlock it so you can change it.

I’m looking at ways to help everyone stay engaged and excited about Port Katherine over the summer, but I feel like a series of increasingly meaningless focuses is not it.

NOTE: If you are submitting BGS for Summer, please do so and we’ll process it. You may also choose to wait until your next event if you’d prefer. Your option. I’ll process BGS in the hopper.