Battlefield Threats: A collection of abilities that can be brought against us

To my fellow citizens,

Now that we are at war, it would behoove us to start being more aware of what kinds threats and attacks the enemy can bring against in battle, so we can begin to devise countermeasures for them. If you have more information, please feel free to share. Below I will begin listing the abilities of a skirmisher, advanced, through the specializations, so we can be wary of flanking attackers.


Weapon Proficiency: A doubler for: parry, maim, or disarm.
Muscle Memory: Allows you per rank to repeat a single call when parried, warded, or resisted until it takes affect or you stop calling it.
Advanced Agility: Increases agility to 4

Master Agility - increase Agility to 6 points, but you can no longer wear armor of any kind
Survival Instinct - reduce your maximum agility for the rest of the event by 1 to Awaken yourself
Unencumbered Movement - reduce your maximum agility for the rest of the event by 1 to unroot yourself, mend all limbs, and end any active disengage effects
Dodge - reduce your current agility by 2 to Parry

Chosen Foe: Declare a chosen foe. You may call ward to uncalled attacks from anyone else.
Riposte: When you parry a skill from your chosen foe, you may then use that skill back against them for free.
Spoiling for a Fight: Declaring a chosen foe refreshes your Agility
Finishing Flourish: You may call an instant Critical against a chosen foe you knock unconscious.

Advanced weapon proficiency (Double a non-true skirmisher skill, or combine with weapon proficiency to triple that skill)
Sharp Reflexes (Burn a point of Agility armor for the rest of the event to get a Pierce)
Coup de Grace (May call “Critical” against a helpless target)
Ready Stance (Temporary ward against Disarm and Maim)

Steady Aim - allows you to reload a bullet if you miss, without using another use of the bullet skill
Knife to a Gunfight - parry while holding a gun
Deadeye - line up a shot for 30 seconds without moving or losing line of sight, then shoot “by my voice, pierce”
Lock and Load - line up a shot for 30 seconds without moving or losing line of sight, then shoot “critical”

We did excellent work dealing with the sharpshooters last event by preventing them from getting close enough to the queen to get off a critical shot. But as we begin to discuss more battle strategies, more information will be useful. Please add to the discussion below thank you.


Oh my…

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Yeah. The talents of a skirmisher are impressive.

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Advanced Artificer:

Small Shrapnel Grenade: Call a flurry of “pain”
Power Cycle: Kill your elemental blades and packets to drop your weakness
Kinetic Trap: Spend a resist near a fire ball trap to gain the use of a fireball
Hand Cannon: You may spend an arcanum to slot a powder, and use that powder any time throughout the event.


Double your elemental blades
Expend an Elemental blade for a parry
Rapid Decompression: Use 10 elemental strikes, then wipe your Vit and go unconscious.
There’s a fourth ability that involves standing still for several seconds to avoid your element.


Bomb-on-a-Stick, a fireball weapon augment
Reroute Power, surgically implanted devices don’t require power
Transfer Charge, put your Elemental Blades on others
Sticky Grip, iron grip weapon augment.

Assisted reload, create an autoloader that lets you instantly load a gun.
Just a spark, siphon electricity from a source without consuming it.
Large shrapnel grenade (easier to perform improvised explosives that require components)
Autoinjector, lets you use your chemical augmentation on demand.


for the sake of completing the artificer specializations.
Nightwork- Doubles Device and Avoid Trap after sundown with eye assistance (some sort of glasses or goggles or other physrep)
Advanced Lockpicking- 2 Digits
Caltrops- Each purchase provides one canister of popper traps at check in
Situational Awareness- Spend to call resist when hit while interacting with a lock or device


Just for people who dont know, small shrapnel grenade can only hit 5 targets maximum.

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