Banking Services Available


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself or Countess Augustus Stoneguard.

Hi everyone, Augustus and I are trying to figure out the level of interest in our services, so that we can determine the viability of constructing a bank vault and how we should structure our offerings moving forward to better serve the needs of the town.
Please reach out to me here or privately if interested or if you have any feedback.


We really want to offer these services, because the game’s economy is built on having a functioning bank multiplying the amount of money in the system. As much as we want it, we also need folks to use our services so that its worth the amount of CP and time we put into making it happen. The bank vault public work isn’t cheap to finance just the two of us, and then buy into the skills we need to make everything happen. Even if you don’t plan on using our offerings, please considering PMing me a bit of why, so I can try to improve what we have available to fit your needs. And if you do plan to use our offerings, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, so we know that it’s actually financially viable for us to continue our work into setting these offerings up for you.

Hard to pass up that extra interest considering I plan to stay in Port Katherine for the long term. Sign me up for an account with a 50 Ducat deposit and we can transfer the funds before the summer festival.

The checks are also something I may be interested in and would love to speak with you more about it.

~ Countess Julian

Are you looking for year-long deposit rates? That would be my assumption, but I want to confirm to be 100% certain.

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Sign me up for a 50d deposit as well! I’ll get it to you before Summer and agree to a 1 year deposit commitment. Frankly it will be nice to protect my money with something more secure than the threat to close down the bar if I’m ever robbed!

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I definitely agree. I will be very happy to have a secure location for my assets.

100% thought this said Baking Services. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not that good of a cook.

Sign me up for the season to season deposit for now and we can discuss things further at the summer festival.

-Countess Julian

One minor update to our initially stated policies.

After consideration, we will be allowing transfers for the one-year commitment style deposits, however they will maintain their deposit term post transfer.

Is this a vault in your pocket or is this the public works? Considering public works are, well, public, is there any reason to use your bank over the public option?

As you can see from my other bulliten board posting, we are currently recruiting labor to construct the bank vault.

As for why to use our services, you earn interest by depositing with us, because we can use some of the aggregate funds in ways to increase our total holdings, rather than just having it sit in a pile in an iron box.

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Plus, if people use the same bank you can just transfer wealth between accounts via checks which allows you to still spend your money while it is safe, rather than going to the vault, waiting for staff, withdrawing your money, carrying to the sale, handing it over, and them needing to find time to go to the vault, hand it to staff, and deposit it.

Plus interest, PLUS they plan to pay a bit back to the community, and they shouldered all the cost of getting the bank for us as a colony personally so I think they deserve the business.


So this is more of a financial advisor role than a banking assistance role? That’s fair. What kind of risks are we looking at?

Also is there an audit so we can see how our money is being used?

Miss. Verenberg, thank you for your thoughtful questions.

The first, and in my opinion, biggest risk is if Augustus or I are no longer able to participate on island, either by death or transfer, as I am still an active duty member of the Kithiran Navy, and he a member of the Town Militia.

To prevent issues in the case of my death, I am speaking with @Hikaruchord to make sure we each have a will written so that any assets we hold in the case of either of our deaths do not get entangled in any lengthy legal proceedings, and instead are made available to the other partner (Or potentially partners in the future) in this venture so they can continue serving your needs.

If I am transferred off island, I will make sure to hand off all holdings to Countess Augustus, and anyone else who may join our organization as we expand, rather than taking access to those assets with me as I leave.

I will be putting together a further note going into more detail on specific financial risks at a near future point.

We intend to produce annual statements addressing our financial standings, so that those invested may find comfort that their money isn’t being squandered.

Do you have any other questions at this time?


I’ll type something up about financial risk while I’m not at work.


Perhaps after the knowledge of how great the financial risks are, but as of now, no.

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Any updates?


Sorry, been kinda low energy post work this week. I’ll work on something.

Any update yet? I really need to know the risks before I can invest.