Bank hiring construction assistance

Alabaster & Stoneguard Financial Services are hiring up to five people willing to assist us in the construction of a bank.

We are offering compensation to those who assist us in the form of 10 Ducats deposited with our firm with a 1 year term. This will amount to 12.2 Ducats total at the end of the deposit term.

I can offer assistance in construction.


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Thank you! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

You might say ‘12 Ducats I won’t see for a year’ why is that worth anything?’

We have just updated bank policy to allow for the transfer of savings funds from account to account without adjusting the deposit commitment attached to said funds, so you could use said deposited money to pay for services via transfer.

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Count me in as well!
– Steadfast

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I can help ya with that.


I’d like to thank those who have offered their time to assist in the construction so far. We are willing to hire up to two more people to work on construction, if there’s anyone else looking for work to do between now and the summer festival.