Ballroom Dance Group Lesson

Hello fellow players and staff,

There seemed to be a decent amount of interest of folks wanting to take a ballroom dance lesson in preparation for Winter Feast. Brian Misamore has given me his blessing in arranging this and will be joining us. Though this will not be an official red feather or PK event. We want this to be a low pressure OOG collaborative learning event. That being said my dance instructor BreAna is pretty awesome and has no problem if people want to come in costume to see how well their outfit will function while dancing. So far her Sunday schedule for December is fairly open. I figure this could take place late afternoon/early evening time frame. The lesson can either be for 45 or 90 minutes. The focus will be on Waltz and Tango which are the most in period ballroom dances for PK. The cost will roughly around $25-35 per person depending on length of the lesson. Location will be at the SuperShag dance studio in Waltham MA. Plenty of free parking on the street or lots on Sunday and lots of restaurants close by to hang out after.

Please select any dates available and preference for length of class. I can then lock in the time that works for most people and get a more accurate cost per person.

Thank you all for the interest and look forward to hanging out with everyone. :slight_smile:

  • Dec 9
  • Dec 16
  • Dec 23
  • Dec 30

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  • 45 Minute Class
  • 90 Minute Class

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I might be able to do the 16th also depending on time of day, but not in the 3-6pm window

Hey folks, I’ll be bringing a poll to an end and cementing a date tomorrow. Please vote if you are interested and haven’t already. Current top place is Dec 9th and a 90 minute class. :slight_smile:

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Looks like Dec 9th for a 90 minute class is the current consensus. I checked with my instructor and she is free that day/night.

How does 6pm work for people?

Works for me

Should be ok if I can get a ride there and home

Works for me!

Looks good to me!

Works for me. That’s gonna be a very busy weekend for me, though. O_o

Alright! So looks like looks like we will be having the group class Dec 9th from 6pm-7:30pm.

SuperShag Dance Studio
406 Moody St
Waltham, MA 02453

While I have most people committed on the FB group - I know some don’t use FB and getting an accurate head count would be most ideal. If you are not on FB then please use this poll to let me know you’ll be attending.

Price will be around ~$25 range based mostly on head count and I am trying to negotiate a good deal for us. I’ll update with final price once I get that from my instructor.

  • Not on Facebook but Will be Attending
  • Already confirmed on FB

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** Update:I have negotiated a pretty sweet deal for us. Generally it’s $250 per 45 minutes for 12 people. Under normal circumstances this would be $500 but since I did all the leg work they are only charging me the $250. Split that between 12 people is ~$21 per person.

Cause I have faith in my friends here - I am fronting the $250 to secure us this deal and time slot. Please bring cash for me at the event. I figure depending on how many people show up we can split the difference whether a little bit more or a bit less.


Should we bring any parts of garb that may make dancing more difficult so we can practice, or would the instructor probably prefer we didn’t?

The instructor will be happy to have people dress up. Honestly she’s pretty excited for costumes but no pressure. I’d say it is a very good idea to test costume pieces in practice to ensure it’ll actually work during the feast.

Just wear shoes that will be nice to a hardwood floor. No harsh boots and the such is my only request XD

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