Authentic Looking Paper

I noticed that a lot of us seem to be passing off letters both to NPC and other player characters. I’m curious - what type of paper does staff use for their letters? Do you guys age it up yourselves or order it that way?
When I have both the time and energy to be fancy, I find that using VERY watered down tea and dipping your standard white computer paper in that can work well to get a slightly aged look. Leave it outside for like a day and the smell of tea leaves is pretty much gone. Burning sections can also work but it’s a fine line between slightly singed and now the whole paper is burnt to a crisp. Does anyone else have a particular method they use that works well for them?

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I’m just curious, is “aged” really what we want to go for? Presumably the paper of that time wouldn’t have been bleached white, but it also wouldn’t have been old.

Oh I completely agree with that! I don’t mean like medieval aged paper - I moreover mean something that isn’t like blank white like your average sheet of paper. Maybe something with just a bit of tint to it? I’ve noticed that people have been doing everything from bleached white to very aged. The extremely watered down tea method can - if you do it right - get you paper with just a slight tint, something that looks like it was on a ship for a little bit but not like from the time of King Arthur. I was wondering if anyone had any method that might be more effective than that / otherwise a preferred method.

Staff uses Southworth Parchment specialty paper. And by staff, I mean me. Other staffers may use other paper.


I’ve had good luck buying single sheets of nice paper at Blicks in Cambridge, then cutting them to appropriate sizes. I also have a variety of stationary from Bob Slate’s in Harvard square that is mostly appropriate.