August Donation List

We’re looking for some items to help make our fall/winter seasons even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 283 Washington St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139. Once you purchase, send receipts to so we can get you your donation CP.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums .

  1. 12x (6 CLAIMED. 6 PURCHASED)
  2. 6x (CLAIMED)
  3. 1x (CLAIMED)
  4. 4x (PURCHASED)
  5. 1x (PURCHASED)
  6. 1x (CLAIMED)
  7. 3 x (CLAIMED)
  8. 1 x (CLAIMED)
  9. 1x (CLAIMED)
  10. 6x (4 OF 6 CLAIMED)
  11. 4x (CLAIMED)
  12. 1x (CLAIMED)
  13. 1x (CLAIMED)
  14. 2x (CLAIMED)
  15. 2x (CLAIMED)
  16. 6x (PURCHASED)
  17. 2x (CLAIMED)
  18. 12x (PURCHASED)
  19. 4x (PURCHASED)
    19 1/2. The 65-foot long one of these: (PURCHASED)


  1. 6 x bonnets (CLAIMED)
  2. 6 x cravats (CLAIMED)
  3. barnacles or other aether mutation prosthetics (can be made with model magic) (CLAIMED)
  4. 3 x frock coats (these are a big project; talk to us before you begin if you want to do any of these)
  5. 300 spell packets (CLAIMED, see below)
  6. 24 assorted thrown weapons (CLAIMED)

Thank you everyone for making this game as amazing as it can be!

Brian Misamore
Game Director

I would like to claim
#2. - All of them
#17. - All of them

I would like to claim 9, 8 and 6

Do you have a preferred pattern for the bonnets or cravats? I might be able to knock those out.

I would loooove the chance to craft some aether mutations…I will do that!

Question: if painted, would you prefer them sealed, or not? And are there any other guidelines/parameters that I should abide by?

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No preferred pattern - just something functional would be great!

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Sealed would be good. The only other guideline I can think of is that if you’re making some that are fancy/complicated, please make sure to also make some that are simpler as well.

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I will make you so many spell packets. I’ll do all of them if no one splits them with me

I would like to claim 2 bonnets, if that’s alright with Molly.

Molly, if you need a cravat or bonnet pattern, I’m happy to share!

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Yeah let me look through my supplies. Im pretty certain I have at least one if not more appropriate patterns for them both but you are welcome to two bonnets and I can get the rest.

Excellent! Bonnets are so fun to make!

I’ll take the cravats. I’d also love to make prosthetics if you need any more/ I live near Katie and am happy to help.

Throw my name down for #3 the popcorn machine.

Also put me down for the 24 thrown weapons, I’ll make them with Brian and Katie so you can split the cp between the 3 of us or something.

We have been making some foam molded thrown weapons this year actually so we can make some nice stuff. Already got a couple molds and can do a couple more for the project. Let us know if you want something specific like axes or daggers. I also have a mold I made for elemental thrown weapons at legends, I can paint them in any color, so if you need something aetheric it could be good, got glow in the dark paint too which actually works pretty good.

I think we’re just looking for generic mundane weapons - and a variety of types would be great.

I will take number 7, all three.

I’ll take No. 15 (both of them).

I’ll order (x6) of #1

Link for #5 no longer works

Use this: