Attn Apothecaries Re: Components

I was planning a stroll to look for components at the 9th bell on the morn of the 2nd day of fire. I’ll be in the tavern as early as the 8th hour if anyone wants to discuss our business or eat breakfast before we begin.

Anyone may feel free to join, regardless of your profession or interests.

  • Auntie
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Good Day. I would love to accompany you for the walk. I have little interest in components outside of experimenting on them. What interests me are the spiritual and arcane anomoloies that appear out in the woods. I would be happy to contribute to the finding of components as long as I could have some help with the anomolies, sometimes they are dangerous, but not to anyone but the individual looking into it. Thank you.

Joining us is a decent way to ensure there is someone who can provide vials such as purify near you if required, although we do charge. We could also sell you vials beforehand if that suits your needs better.

If you ended up having to help me by use of skill or otherwise I would pay you adequately.

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I would be happy to join. I can assist with my healing, if needed.

I’m interested in coming as well if I can hire someone to run the bar while I am out. I usually hire a guard for myself when I go out as well, I will see if Edric is willing to work for me again.