At Event Food Volunteering for Spring 2023

Hello Everyone!

SO! What am I looking for exactly?

At the event:

Two, (Three if I can get them) “Captains” which are people to be “In Charge” of Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks respectively.

I will still wake up too early to cook and manage breakfast, and be around in general in case of craziness. What "In charge” means is that you will be given full written instructions and suggested time-tables on how to serve your meals; all planning, shopping, and precooking/preparation possible will be done ahead of time! Mostly it will just be chopping / thawing & heating foods. Maybe some preparing of easy sides like rice.

But ultimately it will be your job to make sure you and your assistants make the meal appear on time-ish.

The person in charge of snacks (If I get one) just needs to occasionally peak in after meals to make sure the drink containers are full enough, that the bread/fruit has been put back out and is full, and that any dirty serving dishes left over on the tables from the meal are put in the dish washing window. (I will also be doing these duties with you the whole event, but in case either of us gets really into a mod or something, it’s best to tag-team it)

I’m looking for 2 (or 3) people familiar with the Kitchen on site, and confident in their ability to independently “figure things out” as minor things come up. But again, we’ll make this super easy on you; likely you’ll just be doing tasks like boiling noodles and heating casseroles. And if you do need me I will be very close by, since if I’m not on a mod I will be running my bar right at the kitchen back door.


Anyone interested in helping out should let me know either by messaging me here, by Email or Gchat at, by phone at 508-868-4548, or on Slack at the food prep channel

Thank you all so much! Please feel free to ask any questions or anything here too!

[edit] This is just a call to volunteer for ONE event, not a long-term commitment. Usually Meal prep is about 1.5-2 hours, and of course you can be rewarded in bonus CP or Ducats!


As per usual I’ll happily snack captain. It makes maximum use of my culinary skills.

If there is also a call for onsite prep Friday before game-on sign me up too. I’ll bring my knife and try not to add any fingers to the recipe.

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I’m willing to help with prep and breakfast Saturday and Sunday. I won’t be around enough to help for the others, but I can help breakfast

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