Assistant Game Director

I’d like to congratulate Haley Brandt-Erichsen, who has accepted the position of Assistant Game Director for Port Katherine!

Haley has been an important and critical member of the team since the very beginning. Along with Adrian, Eben, and myself, she helped to build the world, write the rules, and create the stories you are all journeying through today. Since those early days, Haley has constantly been my right-hand, whether that be guiding staff meetings, working with me to build the event schedule, and keeping things under control in staff center - she is very commonly the one behind the desk making sure plots go out on time and fights are populated by staffers in costume and with stats, allowing me to prance around in fancy costumes. There is almost nothing at this game that hasn’t felt some of her influence, and the game is better for it.

In many ways, this announcement is merely formalizing something that has been true for a long while, but I’m still very pleased to make it.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Thanks, Brian! I’m looking forward to many more seasons of working with everyone (players and staff alike) to make this game as full of mayhem and fancy hats as we can possibly manage!