Artificers Association

Artificers of Port Katherine,

Myself and Matthias Alizé are of a mind to start an Artificers Association for our town. Nothing so structured as the Engineering Guild; this would rather serve as a community for sharing ideas and new developments in Artificing. As some of us prepare to undertake more advanced study, the Association can also serve as a point of shared study.

I am hoping to formally start the Association before the Eve of Remembrance. Artificers of any skill level are welcome to join. Please find myself or Matthias between now and the end of Early Winter if you would like to assist in founding the Association.

Isadora Sobeck

(Does anyone know what the next lesson will be?)

This sounds like a most excellent proposition and I would be most pleased to find myself a part of this group. What steps did you have in mind, to formally start the Association?


I think this is an excellent idea, and would be happy to join.

– Esther Pin

My only plan at this time is to schedule a gathering during Remembrance, at a time when all interested founders are available. At the moment, that list is myself, Matthias Alizé, Jules Alabaster, Avy Bonbrech, and Esther Pin.

At a later date, we may wish to make connections with Artificers on other islands. This can be discussed at our first meeting.

Esther, I am especially glad for your interest, as your tutelage has been invaluable.

My first suggestion for a meeting time is over breakfast on the Eve of Remembrance itself, as it is before the Navy’s muster, will not conflict with any tea-time obligations, and usually does not coincide with lessons for Artificers or otherwise.

I would be happy to attend if I’m available, but the Town Council does command a great deal of attention.


Fellow Artificers,

As a number of us will likely start applying ourselves to advanced studies soon, I am considering whether we might, as an Association, wish to hire a Scholar to research and report to us what manner of skills other Artificers have been able to obtain. Perhaps there is even a Scholar among us who would be interested in doing so.

I am not certain how many Scholars would have time unspoken for at this point, but if there is some interest, I can post a bulletin. My initial thought is we might implement modest dues to the Association, creating a fund through which we would pay Scholars, Engineers, and others as we have need of their services, and in return members of the Association would have access to our accumulated knowledge.

Does this sound like an arrangement others would find useful? We can of course finalize such details at Winter, and in the meantime I am happy to invest some of my own funds as a founder to get us started with the initial research.


Perhaps inquire within the von Silberholtz family. We have several individuals available who might be able to support such endeavors.

Thank you Kleis, I will do so.

I have suggested this before, and am therefore highly interested in forming said association. I would love to have all those who are interested get together at the next festival and hammer out the particulars. It would also be helpful if we were to discuss specialties amongst ourselves.


I intend to research what someone who applies themselves to jury rigging or tinkering might learn to do, however, orders may carry me away from the settlement for the upcoming festival. If folks want to chip in a bit for the costs of my time I wouldn’t say no. If you’re interested in what an elementalist can do, let me know and I can just tell you.

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Thank you for that, Jules.

Personally I am not in a great hurry for this information, and do not mind waiting until Spring. Would others wish to seek out a Scholar who might research sooner?

We should see if as an organization we could get our hands on some fireball traps. We could get together the Friday off every festival to blow ourselves up.

I in fact have been working on figuring out how to get access to that exact thing…

I like how you think, Kleis.

Also use them to teach other learning artificers as the come to the Port.


WHat do you think Hester would charge us to come out an blow us all up Friday night?

I asked Esther if I could purchase her fireball box. She said no. However she did say she would look into getting me one. Seeing as she owns one, we might be able to get her to come let us borrow it for 5 minutes.

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Sure, but also, I’m sure she has other things she could be doing with her time.

As the festival approaches, I will remind all interested parties that the current plan is to meet over breakfast (9th bell in the morning) on the Eve Remembrance to discuss our plans.

It seems likely a lesson will follow soon after, but I will leave that to Esther’s final say if she is the one giving the lesson.

I personally have other engagements in the later part of the morning, and depending on the timing of the lesson may ask one of you to relay it to me later. However, if it follows directly from our meeting, that will not be necessary.