Armor Stacking?

Hi staff,

Could we get a general clarification on which armor stacks with what?

Between Melted Carapace, multiple orders of Bacon Corncakes, Tactical briefings, and Agility, there can be a lot going on.


Answering since staff may not have time:

Corncakes, Tactical Briefings, and Agility all provide virtual armor. From the rules:

Multiple sources of virtual armor do not stack—if you are under multiple effects which provide virtual armor, pick whichever one provides the most and ignore the rest.

I believe Melted Carapace says “armor”, not “virtual armor”, in which case it stacks with everything. Staff can confirm, but I believe you should only ever need to worry about whether armor is “virtual” or not to determine what stacks. EDIT: See DRubenstein’s answer below. Anything that’s not costume armor is virtual armor.

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We got a clarify on slack that said if it isn’t costume armor, it is virtual armor, and thus doesn’t stack.

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