Armor repairs

Hi everyone,
With the new intermediate engineering schematics available, I was immediately intrigued by the reusable armor patch. I plan to get one made as soon as I can, and then make armor repairs via it available for anyone who brings me a leather patch. Based on what I know of the schematic this would even be doable on the battlefield. I don’t personally have the funds to get it made immediately, but if anyone wants to contribute to helping get it made, know that it will directly be put to use for the good of the town. (I’ll also be putting personal funds towards producing a stockpile of leather patches for use in major fights.)

Boatswain Jules Alabaster


I can certainly chip in. Put me down for 10D.

An update, my original plan had been to do repairs for free for anyone who brought me a patch, but after further thought, that feels like it would basically cut our fine engineers out of the capability to reasonably make more reusable armor patches for other folks. As such, my plan is to provide free usage (with recipient providing the leather patch) to anyone who donates a minimum of 5 Ducats to the construction of the reusable patch, and then charge a small fee (likely on the scale of 1-3 pence, but officially set by discussion with all donators) for those who didn’t contribute to the construction of the patch to use it.