Arcane prefix stacking

Normally, if you add a prefix to a call that already has one, such as being an artificer and becoming incorporeal, the new prefix overrides the old one, so the call just becomes spirit or spirit strike instead of spirit fire or spirit flame strike. Does Arcane behave in the same way, or does arcane stack with other prefixes?

Based on calls heard in-game, and previous staff answers:

The condition under which you gain the ability to make an arcane call should explicitly stated the parameters of the call. (I.e. if you have the ability, your also have the answer)

That said, for purely academic nuanced curiosity, broadly speaking, it overrides ‘Spirit’ and stacks with everything else.

“Arcane ice strike” (a tag in the woods last year) - whether you’re corporeal or incorporeal, this call is unchanged.

Arcane overrides Spirit, because arcane hits both corporeal and incorporeal targets.

Yup, @Shades is right, especially about the part where whatever gives you the call should tell you what the call is.