Aprentice Harbormastering


As I’m sure many of you know, one of the few records of the prior expedition left easily accessible in the library is the notes of their Harbormaster, with the arrival and departure of various ships marked. I was inspired by this to believe it may be helpful for someone among us to keep similar track, and and focused on doing so in the time between the Festival of the Dawning and the Fire Festival.

I believe the following list is all the major ships that arrived or left during our first months. There were some smaller fishing vessels that I did not take note of, and several ships that passed the settlement without making landfall.

I intend to try and create a similar list between now and the next Festival. I am curious, however, if others find this useful information to gather. If the town does not feel it is an important contribution, I will perhaps move on to other things after the Fall.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch

Date of Arrival Date of departure Vessel name Captain Home Port Destination Notes
Early Spring 45 Late Spring 7 HMS Venture Sir Robert Stanton Yokkaichi Yokkaichi Lead ship of our expedition. Left under the command of Lieutenant Stefan Inge Hertzfeld
Early Spring 45 Late Spring 7 SS Marigold Amelia Burgess Suur Wreathburn Carrying supplies and additional colonists.
Early Spring 45 Late Spring 7 SS Gustav’s Profit Cedric Brumin Yokkaichi Suur Gustav, Gustav, and Gustav ship. Dropped off Anton Gustav and plentiful supplies.
Late Spring 17 Late Spring 19 SS Lillian’s Favour Dominika Török Kholodno Harbor Unknown Crew showed signs of plague. Docking not allowed; ship anchored offshore. Crew sought resupply of fresh water and meat. Dock workers went out twice in a dinghy: retreiving barrels, returning those barrels with water and meat. Payment received on Stanton’s behalf.
Late Spring 24 Late Spring 29 SS Chiyo Maru Beatrice Stewart Campbell Wreathburn Suur Brought a number of farmers, miners, tradespersons, and assorted laborers for the colony.
Early Summer 8 Early summer 15 SS Loxodrome Adelajda Luzenska Yokkaichi Headed West Survey craft seeking better maps of the area. Intends to continue its mapmaking in the area for some time, then return to Yokkaichi.
Early Summer 17 Early Summer 24 HMS Osprey Edwina Eaglethorpe Yokkaichi Yokkaichi Conveying government equipment for funded public works, e.g. printing press and sewer.
Early Summer 40 SS Bluebird Akinye Berhane Lureen Suur Blue River Trading ship, carrying trade goods.
Early Summer 42 SS Gustav’s Pride Dame Ricardo D’Agostino Yokkaichi Carrying trade goods.
Early Summer 45 HMS Venture Stefan Inge Hertzfeld Yokkaichi Carrying new colonists and supplies. Only two ships can use the dock at a time, so HMS Venture must anchor elsewhere, and the new colonists must disembark by boat and trek to the colony.
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Neighbor Hope,

I must thank you for your dedicated work on this matter. Both as a member of the Navy, and as one who grew up in a merchant house, I understand full well the value of what you have helped to provide.

As it stands I will not be able to help you with this as much as I would like. With my own responsibilities and works for this town consuming much of my available time. If you choose to move on, I will understand but so far I grateful for this service you have helped to provide the town.