Apothecary Catalog

This is mostly the same as what was printed in the paper in Summer, with a few additions based discoveries that were made over the course of that event. Please note that apothecaries are not necessarily locked into their production for their BGS cycle, and it may be worth approaching them if you see an elixir that you would like to have made for you before next game. Also note the components used to make these elixirs, if you have cultivation skills or a talent for finding them wild. They are likely to be in demand.

Cockroach Elixir: Disease to venom (cockroach)
Purity Storm: 5 purifies in 5 seconds (emerald)
Cleared Speech: Heal laryngitis (frog, purify)
Healing Refresh: Refresh all natural healing skills (lizard, centipede)
Stabilize Bleeding: Add an hour to critical before dying (lizard, iron)
Cheat Death: Reduce critical to pierce (sunburst, blue daisy)
Soothing Salve: At medical area, awaken and heal all vit (lizard, blue daisy)
Bloodshield: Resist venom (lizard, salt)
No Pain, No Gain: +3 max vit for the event (salt)
Regeneration: heal 1 vit every 5 minutes for the next hour (lizard, deer antler)

Lightning in a Bottle/Electrified Blade: Lightning Pierce (sunburst mushroom)
Call Lightning: By my voice lightning pierce (sunburst mushroom, beetle)
Mastery of the Jungle: Vine resist (snake)
Martial Flattery: Free use of next call heard (owl’s egg, yellow rose)
Forcipular Venom: Envenom weapon (centipede)
Resist Subdue: (salt, turtle)
Tactical Coordination: Restore parry to ally (ostrich egg)
Armour Repair: Fully repairs armor (hedgehog, grasshopper)
Refortification: Repair all armour (robin’s egg)
Unroot: Cures root (beetle, iron)
Minor Fire Shield: Fire resist (salamander, cockroach/hedgehog)
Shotgun Slug: Load gun with Root call (slug)
Spirit Shackle Oil: Spirit root packet (silver/crow’s egg, slug)
Pre-healing: 3 pts virtual armour (lizard, hibiscus)

Stand with Spirits: (silver)
Meditation: Skill restore (blue daisy, deer antler)
Didactic Massage: Transfer research between people (acorn, yellow rose)
Scholastic Multitastic: Exchange research for experimentation, or reverse (acorn, centipede)
Brew of the Boxer: Ward pain/trip (crow egg/silver, slug)
Formaldehyde: Preserve a component one BGS cycle (red rose, sapphire)
Refresher Course: Get Tend for the rest of the event (lizard, acorn)

Capacitance Oil: Battery charge (hibiscus, coal)
Hydraulic Fluid: (salt, grasshopper)
Coolant: (cactus, iron)


What’s the difference between Armour Repair and Refortification?

We don’t seem to have the exact details of armor repair in our notes, but refortification seems to be usable proactively, in that you can put it on and then some time later in the event take the repair effect, instead of it taking effect instantly, which I think is necessary for armor repair.

So it sort of gives the armor more of a “self healing” kind of effect? Like treating it with some form of permiable adhesive that bonds tears and cuts back together one time?

Also, that Martial Flattery could be very dangerous… Might be worth having on hand and downing if a very powerful enemy, like a changeling, seems to be ramping up some powerful attack.