Anyone looking after the little babies?

So, lots of folk have donated to make sure the wee ones that were shipped to our port through, presumably, no fault of their own have enough to eat - but we all know room and board alone doesn’t make a happy or safe childhood.

Is anyone planning on answering the advertisement the good Captain put into the newspaper looking for a caretaker between seasons? If you are, get in touch - doesn’t have to be public, a word in my ear is fine.

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I was planning to volunteer for it, Ravil. I’m no expert at children but I’ve got little siblings and I’m a quick study.

I think it will be good.

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I think the whole colony would agree that you are the best possible Lily for the job.


I’m happy for advice if you’ve got any, White.

I’m intending to keep track of the Harbor again, but if there is a severe shortage of caretakers, let me know and I’ll see if I can manage it.

Is anyone looking into who the scoundrel that sent them here was? If there’s information on when exactly they arrived, we can probably sort out what ship they came on, and possibly track that back to someone who needs a sound thrashing.


Mostly city folk, don’t know were they are going to sleep, but they’re plenty old enough to learn to at least feed themselves out here, going to show them how. Taking the suitable ones game hunting, I’ll get the rest fishing and / or setting snares.

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Teaching the children to be able to help provide for themselves until we can figure out a better situation for them sounds like a good idea, however I hope there will always be at least one adult with them while they are doing these things. I don’t like the thought of children wandering alone with pirates about, nevermind the hostile fae creatures.


That’s a kind offer, Comptess. I think the advertisement only called for one caretaker but that may have been the Captain saving on letters. To the best of my knowledge, I’ll be able to handle them alone.

Of course, all I know about the situation is that there are a number of young orphans from Drevnia for whom the Captain is endeavoring to find care. If someone knows more about their ages, numbers, or the general circumstances under which they arrived here, I would be curious to learn more.

I am… not sure that is true, Sven. Especially if they’re from Drevnia, I might be spending my time over the next month teaching them some basics, like what the sun is and where vegetables come from. But, I assure you they will be in good- well. In somewhat practical hands with me.

There’s 15 of them, ranging in age from 6 to 12, weighted toward the younger end. They don’t really have any special needs other than that they’re clearly from poor upbringings and are showing the effects of malnutrition, etc from that. They’re relatively tough kids, though, having grown up in the worst places in Drevnia.

Nodoubt they have plenty of important things to learn from you, but some of them got the look in there eyes says they already know survival comes before living. This isn’t the place were they knew how to do that. The more of their own basic needs that they can take care of themselves, the better off they are going to be, especially if more start showing up.

I didn’t realize someone here had met them aside from Captain Stanton.

I’m sure they’re tough kids and could survive on their own, but this is not some city slum where innocent children are left to fend for themselves because no one has the means or inclination to provide for them. That they have never had someone looking out for them is no excuse for us not to step up. We owe it to our fledgling community to be better than that.

We have the opportunity to provide these children with a safe, stable home where they can have a childhood, and I am not going to see them thrown out into the wilderness to fend for themselves because it is more efficient than providing for them properly.

You seem to have some strange notions about what is being suggested here friend. Throwing them out in the wilderness to fend for themselves before they are ready would be murder. Teaching them a trade is providing for them. Now, if you meant to say with your sun & vegetable comment that you plan to make them into farmers fair enough. Better to teach them more ways & see who takes to what.
PK is neither safe nor stable. A childhood spent here isn’t likely to be either. The best we can try to do is be better than where they came from & prepare for the possibility that they won’t be the only ones dropped here.

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I see you are not familiar with the living conditions in Drevnia. I meant that these children have very very likely never seen the sun before and do not know where food comes from. Let’s start them off with getting them used to frontier living before we start sending them to forage.

I admit I am also a little hesitant to hand these children sharp objects like hunting knives, fishing hooks, or especially heavy trowels until I have a better handle on their temperments.

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Lived in caves right? Sun isn’t hard to explain by my reckoning, they probably got the basics on the voyage here. Moves across sky, when you see it it’s light out, day time, when you don’t it’s dark, night time. Most people work is done during daytime because it’s easier to see with free light. Some things hunt during the day and sleep at night, while others sleep during the day and hunt at night. Seasons is where it gets more complicated, but that will all come with time.

Can’t think of much frontier living that doesn’t involve something sharp and / or hot, better they be taught before they are forced to learn on their own.

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Oh, Sven, you misunderstand. It isn’t that I think they don’t know how to use sharp objects, more that I’m worried what they will use them on.

Oh, Sven, you misunderstand. It isn’t that I think they don’t know how to use sharp objects, more that I’m worried what they will use them on.

Guess there is a lot I don’t know about living in Drevnia. Somthin obvious I’m missing?

Lily, I adjusted just fine, didn’t i? I like to think I can fend for myself for the most part. Wish I knew more about childcare and could be of more help, unfortunately I was the youngest child.

I must object to sending unsupervised and probably frightened children out into the woods by themselves, especially with all of the unique risks Port Katherine poses.

I still hope to have them sent back to Kithira proper. Their presence here is cruel and irresponsible and if I find out who, exactly, is at fault, we will be having words.

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Can’t think of anyone with any sense of morality who wouldn’t.

Ok, good. It sounded an awful lot like that was what you were suggesting, to me.

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