Anouncement: Her Majesty's Policewomen

As many are already aware, Nathrack Quigley and myself have been appointed to serve in her majesty’s police force. We take this responsibility with all do gravity, and acknowledge the wholes that do exist in our shared knowledge and training.

With great esteem and gratitude, we acknowledge Tea Alize as accepting an official position consulting with us on medical matters and serving as the official coroner of her Majesty’s Police in Port Katherine.

We are looking for the following specialties to further augment our abilities:


In order to prevent nepotism and ensure the force is not hamstrung by a conflict of interests in our small community, we will be specifically seeking volunteers who are not members of the von Silberholtz, Alize, or Quigley families if possible.

Additionally, we are quite aware that a number of members of our community are adept in the collection information more difficult to come by. If there is anyone who is interested in working for us as a confidential informant, either Nathrack and I can be approached privately.


I will be happy to assist you in chemical matters. For Qualifications I put forth that I am serving as the principle point person for chemical invention in the local Navy, I can identify most glyphs on sight, Have an extensive amount of memorized knowledge on Lithos-native components and their known properties, an an extensive familiarity with the effects of locally discovered elixir formulae.


I would be quite excited to have you aboard Serendipity.

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I can certainly assist with Engineering at need, if no one else steps forward.


I also would be happy to assist our policewomen, though Frederick might be a better choice? I am more limited in where I can go to help observe.

Out of curiosity, is this appointment through the Governorship or through the military?

Governor Soames named Kleis and Nathrach the colony’s policewoman on the second day of Remembrance, along with Vaast as prosecutor and Rukiye as Lieutenant Governor.


I can provide assistance/insights into matters of the Spirit and…thaumaturgy.

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