An Open Letter to The Town Counsel

Council Members,

What are you going to do about financing the defense of our fair town?

I, and many others, have defended this town against repeated threats without financial compensation. I know I have happily done so expecting the militia’s formation to provide the appropriate funding for future efforts.

What I have seen, instead, is excuse after excuse why no one wants to pay for a militia, and then, when donations for the militia had been collected, someone stole them all.

So, what are you, our newly elected Town Council , going to do about this?

I can speak only for myself, though I feel confident many others are in the same position, but this festival alone, in accordance with our current economic model, I am out 21 ducats worth of effort. Spring I easily provided 15 ducats, likely more, worth of services towards defending the town. Of this, I have been seen a return of 2 ducats, and only when I shamed Vaast for asking me for a financial donation. That means I have provided 34 ducats of service for this town, free of charge. Again, I can speak only for myself, but I know other fighters have provided similar services.

On Saturday, though fighting to defend the town, and not for personal gain, I was injured and in need of healing, and a surgeon tried to charge me. I refused to pay, and instead opted for a nap (an additional 6 ducats worth of skill use not included in the above or below amounts). This is disgusting.

Saturday night, when fighting the pirates, I was injured and flat-out denied healing. If the argument for a militia not being paid is that healing will be provided free of charge to those who fight, then this past Festival has shown the falsehood of that argument.

I have committed 34 ducats of service to this town, and received less than 10 ducats in uncharged healing from this town.

My wallet grows lighter with each passing festival, and skill at arms is the only trade I have to sell. Already I have been forced to volunteer for an “exploratory surgery”, of which my overall health bares the permanent mark, just to keep coin in my wallet.

If something can be implemented to provide for all defenders, I will happily consider the aforementioned 34 ducats worth of effort an investment in our town. But unless some solution can be implemented by Fall, I will have to refrain from assisting in any and all combat until all of my debt is squared, and only then will I fight for the town with payments made up front.

I heartily encourage all other unpaid defenders to do the same; ours is not a skill to be taken advantage of! If change has not happened by the Fall Festival, then I have no doubt that change will not come as long as we fight for free.

Ours is not a culture of free services - if the town will not provide for its defenders, then its defenders must not provide for the Town.

James Corvid


I suppose it’s just harder for those of us who fight with no banner above their heads. James, we should speak next gathering, if not just to maybe align your mind. Maybe seek to be someones personal guard for some extra coin. Also, please be careful with the experiments.

-With Scales forever,


Corvid, Z.E.D, et al. -

I am willing to pay in both coins and supplies for protection services, particularly in the early morning of the second day of the festival. We should discuss rates. Don’t tell my nephews or that gossip mongering niece of mine.

  • Liane Verenberg

Auntie, I can and do read things posted on the public bulletin board. That said, I’m not sure why you would want me not to know. The von Silberholz provide for our personal retainers; why would we not compensate temporary hirelings?

Also, I am not gossip mongering. I simply said the library was in a bit of a sad state, especially in regards to lighting, and somehow that got a bit out of control.

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I feel you may have posted in the wrong place? This feels like it was intended as a response to a private message.

No; I was responding to the posting directly before mine.

Ah; my apologies

I’m not really all concerned with my compensation. I get soft benefits from some of the lovely townsfolk. I can understand his frustration though and would love to quell everyone’s stresses. After all, the last settlers all turned against each other, and we cannot have that.


I am in your debt.

You saved my life when the soldier of the Fire Fae attacked me. I would be most happy if you would allow me to compensate you for this. I sometimes find myself, well, not myself around the Fae, especially these days, and so providing you with appropriate compensation slipped my mind.

When you next see me, I would be pleased to rectify this mistake.

~ Julien