An Inquiry About Bullets


It is my understanding that many, if not all, of the Engineers know how to craft bullets, but I did not notice any being sold.

I find the Tavern generally overwhelming, so I may have just not noticed, but I am curious if anyone is selling bullets, and if so, how many and for how much?

I seem to run low on shots more Festivals than not.

-James Corvid

Aye, all of us have tha basic know how, yet our time has been taken up with makin of other bits and bobs of late.

How ever as a merchant I am glad ta hear there could be ah market for bullets. Ah believe my workshop will be takin’ up with another project until the Fall but if ammunition is ah thing you and others might be interested in purchasing ah can look into the cost, plan ta get some in stock


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Apthecaries can also make bullet-like items if engineering proves cost prohibitive.

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Ah also ‘ave tranquilizer and glue darts and envenomed bullets as well as normal bullets ya canae purchase from me durn’ ah festival an ah canae load 'um fer ya. Ah’m behind the bar most of tha day.

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I have tried a few times to offer my services at loading a gun for recompense, but have not found it in high demand, so have not been particularly loud about it.

I am nearly always to provide something to load a gun with, although not always a bullet. I expect to acquire some additional ability to do so over the summer.