An Exploratory Mission

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé, but you can just call me Tashif and I’m one of your petty officers stationed here in Port Katherine. Due to the pressing dangers of living here it is my belief that we must learn more about the land around us, so I wish to begin a mission to start exploring and mapping out this island. Through this we can find paths of safe travel or rich resource deposits, if the pirates have routes through this island surely we can avail ourselves of those.

Due to the danger of this mission, I would prefer to keep the group on the smaller side, as larger numbers can often be dangerous on a scouting mission. Preferably I would prefer to keep the group in the two to four range to allow for safe watches. Would anyone wish to join me in this?

Oh goodness, yes. Will there be guards?

-Countess Annaliese Leopolda Liane Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholz

Tashif -

To clarify, this is something you are hoping to do before the Fire Festival, rather than at it?

I certainly think it is a worthy endeavor, although I am not certain my talents are particularly suited to it. I expect you will find yourself with sufficient numbers, but if you find yourself short, do consult with me.


Countess -

For this first expedition I would like to keep it to solely those who might be able to protect themselves should it come to battle. As we have no idea what we might encounter out there, I would be hesitant to take a noncombatant into the field.
On future explorations, this is something that could be considered.

Frederick -

Yes, this is something I wish to spend the time until the fire festival working on, others might find it easier to slip away into such a project between our festivals than during such a time. I do thank you for your consideration, and will keep you in mind should it come to that.

Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé


Between now and the Summer festival I am, regrettably, already engaged, but I excitedly await news of your progress! And, pending new events, I may be available to offer my aide for future explorations.

-James Corvid (he/him)


Thank you, I expect this to be an ongoing endeavor, as it will take some time before we are able to gain a full accounting of our new home.

Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé

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Hello there those of you that did not get a chance to meet me I am Charlie Macaw. I am an explorer and as my mother likes just say it risk taker. I should be available and was planning to do this regardless.

I would like to be involved in help in any way I can on this Expedition especially since it will be an ongoing one I know charting the island will take more than one day nevermind one season. Please feel free to contact me I am always happy to see what can be explored.

Thank you Charlie,

I appreciate that you’re willing to take the risk, because there will certainly be those along the way. I will reach out to you once things begin to formalize themselves a little bit more and I have a fuller understanding of all interested parties.

Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé

If I wasn’t already engaged with ensuring the proper disposal of waste, I’d likely help. Unfortunately, there are holes to be dug if we want the sewer operational by the Summer.

I completely understand, helping to set up these public works is important to ensuring the overall health and safety of the town, both in the short and long term. This is going to be an ongoing effort which I intend to hose over multiple seasons, so I would love if you could keep my expedition in mind for the future.


Same as Bertrand - this is a sound idea, but I’m digging ditches until after Summer. If surveying’s still a going concern next season, I’ll talk to ye about it.



Is this venture at all related to the Blue River Trading Company’s expedition as described in the paper?

With the delay of the fire station, I find myself without as much direction in the next weeks…

It is not, the job for the Blue River Trading Company is a separate mission. As that job is on behalf of that company there is no guarantee the town will see any benefit from it, as all information would be released at the discretion of Blue River Trading. It has a similar goal, but different people shall profit from it. By increasing our knowledge of the land, we will gain safer routes of travel as well as better access to resources.

I would be happy to have help with this. Another able sword would be of great assistance.


((Clarify: What character class are you?))

I understand. I would certainly be interested in discussing the full details of your plans.

I am an able swordsman, particularly suited to the skirmishing scale of encounters.


Excellent, I’m just waiting on a few final confirmations then we can fully get together to see how much we might be able to accomplish

  • Tashif