An Announcement of Temporary Departure

[Isadora circulates this information among all her acquaintances, shortly after the festival.]

My dear friends, I am afraid I must leave the island for some time and travel home. As some of you are aware, my health has been in a rather precarious state. While we have marvelous physicians in Port Katherine, our facilities here unfortunately cannot compare to those back home, especially in the matter of specialty medicine.

I will be booking passage to Zlota as soon as the Harbor is deemed safe for departure. I hope to return within the year, but as yet cannot say for certain. Please write to me if you feel so inclined. I shall miss you all.


I the player will be attending Summer. However, I will be in attendance as my second character, Byrgen Ellis. My real life health has made playing a combat-inclined character difficult of late, so I’ll be rolling out my Scholar/Spiritualist character a bit earlier than originally planned. Isadora will return when my knees are in better shape.

If you wish to “write to Isadora,” please end me a direct message here, and I will have her keep up some small correspondence.