Advisory Notice for the Citizens of Port Katherine

As we expect you are aware, due to the Damage to the Docks this past Remembrance, the Supply of Goods reaching Port Katherine’s shores will be Significantly Reduced until Repairs can be made.

In Consideration of that Fact, the Town Council has Determined NOT to further Reduce the Number of such Goods with Import Taxes this Season.

Unfortunately, this will Cause a Drastic Reduction in Town Revenue.

Therefore, we are Requesting that each Citizen with the Means to do so Contribute 5 Pence to the Town at the Next Festival.

It is our Fervent Hope that this Approach will Adequately Provide for the Ongoing Preservation of the Public Works.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarch,
For the Town Council of Port Katherine


If anyone has drink tokens for my bar that they would like to trade in as donations toward the TC, I will convert the to cash and hand it over to them. (the cash value of the tokens is 3p.)