Advanced Scholar Lessons

At the Autumn Festival, Professor Arden informed me that it is now my duty to teach the advanced scholar lessons.
I am honored to be trusted with this, and wanted to let people know early on how this will work.

Arden typically charged 10 ducats from the class at large. Personally, I’d rather have a set price per person, so that the price of lessons does not vary by the number of participants, which might on some occasions stick one or two people with a significantly higher bill.

The gathered number of students minus myself seems to average at about five, so in keeping with the Professor’s prices, I will charge 2 ducats per person. This will be for a group lesson, the timing of which I will announce when we get closer to the next festival.

In addition, my timing tends to be more flexible than the professor’s, so I am willing to offer private lessons. If for some reason you cannot make the group lesson, please come find me when I am not actively engaged in something else and I will gladly give you your lesson then and there. For this convenience, I will be charging an extra 3 ducats, for a total of 5 ducats for the lesson.

I can also teach some, but not all, of the true scholar skills. Pricing is the same, with the caveat that if the skill you want is one I cannot teach, I will obviously not charge you.

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