Advanced Header Limits and Interaction With Advanced Professions

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it when I looked.

Book says you can be true in 3 things, does that count as towards advanced headers?
So if I’m just a true engineer (no second header), could I go into two advanced engineering paths if I never take another class?

Also if I take an advanced profession skill for my landowner at some point, will that detract from whatever cap there is for advanced engineering stuff?

I realize obviously if I took an advanced prof skill it would limit me as I would need to spend that events lesson on it, but would it also mean I could never get as far as an engineer?


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Things I can guarantee:

  1. You can be “true” in up to three things
  2. If learning a skill will use up one of your “trues”, staff will do their utmost to let you know.

General Expectations:

  1. Professions are not very standardized. The structure and skills available in one profession do not necessarily reflect was is available in other professions.
  2. In general, professions will not eat a true slot, unless you express a serious interest in focusing on that profession

Things I think are true, but please do not take them as gospel, and refer to Brian or Haley for clarification:

  1. you can think of each header as partitioned into 4 sections: “not true”, “true”, “advanced”, and “specialization”
    1a. You can have any number of “not true” headers
    1b. once you have learned the 4 skills that constitute the ‘true’ skills of the header and spent the relevant lessons to unlock them, you are true in that header
    1c. Continuing down that header, into “advanced” and your first “specialization” skills, does not take additional true slots
    1d. If you want additional specializations in a header where you already have one, I suspect that will require additional true slots

Consequently, you can be a true engineer, soldier, and scholar, with a single specialization in each, because you are true in all three headers. If you want to be an engineer with both gunsmith and bladesmith… that’s probably two true slots right there, but again, I’m not 100% clear on how that works.

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My plan is to go all in as an engineer. Having access to some uncommon components as a landowner would be very helpful for some of the schematics I have, so I would like to explore that avenue if it comes up. I won’t explore that if it means I can’t get as far in engineering though.

Since I am rebuilding my character a bit now, I’m just wondering if I should shy away from professions as if I can’t afford to take any advanced profession skills, I probably shouldn’t invest too heavily in them.

Thanks for your response.

If I recall correctly Brian has stated that going true in a profession and true in a header are two entirely different matters. So one should not effect the other.

I remembered the opposite. That each specialization took one true, and that if you went true in a profession it would also take one of the three, but you’d know before you took it. And I get the impression from what Ben said, above, that going true won’t be required to get a lot out of most of the professions.

You get three “True” slots.

  • A single True slot gains you access to the True and Advanced skills of a header, plus one Specialization
  • A second True slot gains you an additional Specialization for a header in which you already have a Specialization
  • Spending all three True slots in a single header allows you to gain access to all four specializations
  • It is possible that advanced levels of a Profession will also require a True slot
  • It is possible there are hidden headers that will require a True slot
  • At no time will you use up a True slot without knowing you are about to do so



Perfect, thanks for the info. I know what I’ll be doing.

When you say “hidden header” do you mean another possible specialization within something like surgeon or skirmisher? If that’s the case would “paragons” be able to get that as well? Or would they have to pick which four they would want?

You will need to find that out in game.