Additional Scholar Lessons: Afternoon of the 2nd

Dear Scholars and Aspiring Scholars of Port Katherine,

You may have noticed, when looking over the lesson schedule for this festival, that Professor Arden’s normal lesson time does not seem to be there. In his place, Countess Rukiye and I will be holding advanced scholar lessons, in the usual location, at the usual time. For those of you not familiar with the usual time and location, that would be the picnic table outside of the tavern in the early afternoon, though depending on temperatures we may move the lesson inside.

As previously discussed, we will be charging 2 ducats per person for those who attend the lesson at this time.

If you want additional lessons, we are open to teaching them at any time either of us are free, but will be charging a convenience fee of an additional 3 ducats, for a total of 5 ducats. This fee is to be given to the teacher at the time of the lesson.

Countess Rukiye can teach Coordination, Insight, Well-Read, and Knowledge

I can teach Coordination, Insight, Well-Read, Tactical Withdrawal, Knowledge, and Attention to Detail.

It is my expectation that Captain Stanton will be offering lessons in Tactical Withdrawal on the morning of the 2nd, as well.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,
Countess Annaliese von Silberholtz

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