A Sorrowful Farewell

Magnus Amira enters the tavern and heads straight for the board where he posts a piece of parchment. The letter is written in red ink with a Gothic font. Everything seems prim and proper, as though it was written with a well-practiced and delicate hand.

The parchment reads:

"To the Citizens of Port Katherine,

I, Magnus Amira, regret to inform you that I will be leaving town with the next ship. Now that Port Katherine has begun to establish itself, the Grey Gale Company is no longer needed in large numbers. Some of us have already left, and it is my turn to do the same. I know that many of you do not remember me, or even know me, but I will miss my time on the island.

To the Engineering Guild: It was an honor to be there for your foundation. We were some of the first members of town to work together in an organized fashion, and it was beautiful. I have left behind the schematics I acquired with Scrap for guild use. I know they are all low tier ones, but I hope they can help you improve the town. I can always purchase new ones for the Gale.

To Cleary: Always remember that the Gale will be rooting for you from the mainland. I know the majority of us have returned home, but you are still a member of our family, no matter where you are. I hope the tasting spoon I gave you will be helpful to you in some way.

Good luck to all, and don’t get killed by the Fae.

-Magnus Amira

P.S. Watch yourself, Vaast. The town saw what happened with the sextant."

He looks at his work, and gives a curt nod before leaving the tavern to retire for the day.

((Out of game, I will be leaving the game. I haven’t been able to make the last few games, and won’t be able to go again for some time. I might pop in as an NPC for Winter, but as a player, I’m done playing. Sorry and goodbye everyone.))